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Heater Recall Due to Fire Hazard

Sometimes regular appliances can post the extreme danger of a fire. This happens when heaters and other heat-generating items are not manufactured correctly. In a way that minimizes the risk of melting parts, sparks, or overheating. The company Optimus recently had to conduct a heater recall of their portable electric heaters because they were a fire hazard and could cause damage and injury in homes or buildings where they were placed. The formal title of this appliance is the portable infrared radiant quartz electric space heater.

The heater deign can fail to prevent ignition of combustible materials that may come in contact with the unit. There were about 355,000 heaters sold throughout the United States and they are all subject to this new recall. According to the Consumer Product and Safety Commission, the recall involves two different models of the heater. One was produced in 2011 and the other was produced in 2012. Both of them, have the model number and production year on the back of the heater. Both heaters are 12-inches wide by 13-inches tall and are 6-inshes deep. Optimus is printed on the top left of the heater.

So far, there have not been any incidents or injuries reported in connection with the Optimus heaters. Yet this does not mean that there could not be serious accidents in the future. This is why consumers are instructed to stop using the recalled immediately and call Optimus to request a free replacement. The recalled heaters will be disposed of by the company.

Most of the heaters were sold at the Best Buy Market Place or Family Dollar. They were also sold on and at Rite Aids through the United States. The company is based in Anaheim, California but the heaters were manufactured in China. If you want more information about these space heaters or if you suffered burn injuries form a defective product like this one hire a New York City personal injury attorney at Greenberg & Stein to assist you immediately!