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Freezing Rain Causes Dangerous Road Conditions in New York

Due to the Polar Vortex, temperatures in New York have dipped below zero and hovered under freezing for days now. The frigid temperatures can be extremely dangerous, causing serious accidents on the roads when rain and condensations freezes on the asphalt. Freezing rain causes dangerous road conditions in New York according to reports on Fox News, where at least two people have already died due to the icy roads in New York. The New Jersey Transit says that one driver was killed and a passenger was seriously injured when the vehicle slid on the slick black ice into a bus. Passengers on the bus suffered minor injuries in the collision.

The Asbury Park Press also reports that there was a multi-car pileup near the Beaver Dam this morning that killed one person. The New Jersey State Police say that they have responded to more than 250 calls from motorists that have been involved in or witnessed a collision within a four hour period. The icy roads have caused serious delays, and many workers are having a difficult time getting to their location of employment. Children have also missed school because of the icy roads.

The National Weather Service has extended a freezing rain advisory until the temperatures warn. Unlike snow, freezing rain turns into a very icy sleet. This can make it particularly hard to navigate roads in the chilly temperatures. Individuals driving at high speeds may discover that it is almost impossible to stop suddenly and they may spin out on the ice as a result. If you are involved in a car accident in this harsh weather, and you believe that another party could have taken reasonable measures to avoid the incident, then don’t hesitate to contact an attorney at the firm today to learn more!