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Fire Erupts in Queens Home with no Smoke Detectors

Recently, a fire swept through a home in Queens Village, spreading rapidly. According to authorities, the house that was set on fire was not equipped with any smoke detectors. One person died in the fire, and another was seriously injured. Investigators believe that the fire started in a cellar of a home on Springfield Boulevard at around 2:00 p.m. Because the homes in New York are all set so close together, it is extremely dangerous if one home sets on fire, as it can trigger a domino effect damaging many properties.

Fire officials say that they are still trying to determine what caused the terrible fire. If the tenants in the home were renters, then their landlord may be held liable for failing to put smoke alarms in the home to protect those living there. Oftentimes landlords are required to make sure that smoke alarms are installed in each property and are working properly. This can help to protect individuals from fires, and from other incidents that could occur at the house.

If you have been injured in a house fire, you also may be able to seek damages from the party responsible for setting the fire. For example, if you had individuals doing electrical work at your home, and they left a circuit out that exploded causing a fire, then you can hold the electrical company liable. Likewise, if you are using a heater that malfunctions and sparks, causing a fire, you may be able to sue the product manufacturer for a dangerous product that has a fire hazard.

Also, if a person leaves a candle burning or a stove burner on and this causes an accident, that person may be pressed with liability and need to cover damages. If you want more information about fire lawsuits and burn injury claims, contact a New York City personal injury attorney at the firm today!