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Families Sue Brooklyn Nursing Home

According to reports, four families sue Brooklyn nursing home since it operated for years without a license, and failed to properly care for dementia patients. As a result, one person allegedly died from negligence in the home. Four families are now rallying behind a lawsuit against the nursing home on Prospect Park.

A wrongful death suit alleges that one nursing home patient died several months after she was forced to move from Park Slope to a licensed facility so that she could get treatment for her delicate condition. Unfortunately, the move was too much for her and damage had already been done. The elderly woman died not long after the move. Now, her daughter is seeking $40 million in a wrongful death and mistreatment claim.

Families argue that the nursing home falsely claimed that it was a state-accredit assisted living center, but research proved that the center had no state credentials whatsoever. The truth is that the nursing home applied to the state Health Department for a license in 2009, but the permit was not honored because the nursing home failed to fill out the entire application. State officials ordered dementia patients to be transferred to licensed facilities where they could get the professional treatments needed for their condition.

Rather than comply with state regulations, the nursing home fabricated their license and told patients and caretakers that they were licensed to perform all treatments. Now, the facility has a state nursing home license but it is unclear how they were able to obtain accreditation. For six years the nursing home was “running a prison without a license” and would keep patients in lockdown facilities where they were neglected. If your loved one was neglected or died because of mistreatment in a nursing home, then don’t hesitate to contact the New York personal injury attorneys at Greenberg & Stein today to start a lawsuit!