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Deck Collapse Injures 20

The visitors and residents at an Ocean Isle Beach oceanfront condominium thought that they were living the life until their deck collapsed suddenly, causing people to fall to the ground below. Thankfully, no one suffered a life threatening injury after the accident occurred on July 16th, 2013 in North Carolina. One person was sent to a hospital in Wilmington by helicopter, and another 19 injured individuals were taken to the hospital in cars and buses.

Many individuals suffered broken bones. The deck fell from twelve feet above the ground, crashing onto a patio below. The condo was a private residence being rented out by a young couple. Officials are still trying to investigate the shocking collapse, but believe that there was simply more weight than necessary on the deck and the pressure was too much. The town mayor says that she wants to see higher building standards for upper-level decks.

The condo renters argue that there was no warning about a maximum capacity on the deck, which would have changed the nature of this case. Earlier this year, another deck collapse in Florida sent about 100 people into Biscayne Bay. They were watching the NBA finals when a deck fell. Thankfully, no injuries were reported though many people were shaken up.

No lawsuits have been announced in connection with the case, though there is a possibility that guests on the deck will seek compensation on the basis of premises liability. They may also be able to sue the contractor who created the condo for building the deck poorly, or may be able to sue because no warning was posted. If you want more information about deck injuries then you need to talk to a local personal injury attorney. If you live in or around New York City, then a New York City personal injury attorney at Greenberg & Stein can assist you in your case!