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Crash Victim Files First Lawsuit in Metro Derailment

A woman injured in the Bronx train derailment is already preparing to file a lawsuit against the MTA and the train engineer for her life-threatening and severe injuries. The 58-year-old woman suffered multiple fractures of the spine, a broken right shoulder and a fractured left shoulder, a shattered rib cage, a neck fracture, and other injuries in the accident. Witnesses say that she was pinned against a tree in the collision and many thought that the woman had died.

The plaintiff works as a prison dentist and is a retired Army colonel. She was on her way to a dental convention when the crash occurred. Her family says that the victim has been lapsing in and out of consciousness since the accident because of the heavy painkillers that she is on during her recovery. The woman is from Orange County. She is targeting both the MTA and the engineer who allegedly fell asleep while operating the train.

According to the NTSB, the accident occurred when the train sped through a curve at an excess of 80 mph. When rounding the curve, the train was supposed to slow to 30 mph. The speed was too much, and the train flew off the tracks in an accident that caused 63 injuries and four deaths. Doubtless there will be other lawsuits in the future as more and more victims seek compensation for their severe injuries from the crash.

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