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Child Rescued After Falling in Uncovered Manhole

A 10-year-old child in Brooklyn was walking to school when he fell into an open manhole with a shattered lid. The young child plummeted 20 feet into the hole, suffering an injury to his leg that required stitches and left him bruised. After the child fell down the hole, two nearby Verizon Wireless workers rushed to his aid. The strangers helped to keep the child calm as they lifted him from where he was clinging to a ladder inside the manhole.

Investigators are trying to determine why the lid was left off of the manhole. Many suspect that the lid of the manhole shattered when a car drove over it or when the child stepped on it. The city is responsible for making sure that all manhole covers are replaced and put in the right spot. When manhole covers are off, the crews that have removed them are required to set up barriers making it obvious that there is a hole and that individuals should steer clear.

The Verizon workers say that they are thankful it wasn’t raining. If it was, they believe that the child could have been swept away. The Verizon workers say that it was dark and dirty in the manhole, and the child was standing in water up to his ankles. The men were astonished by how calm and calculated the boy was, even in his terrifying situation.

The child’s parents are enraged by the dangers present as a result of the open manhole. The child’s father says that every kid is in danger with these manholes in place. The family says that the child is now fine, though he was shaken up after the accident. Investigators believe that the child plummeted the length of a two-story building into the recesses of the sewer. If your loved one was harmed by an open manhole, don’t hesitate to contact a New York City personal injury attorney to assist you in your case and help you get the representation you deserve!