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Brooklyn Mom who Lost Legs in Surgery Wins $62M in Lawsuit

A Brooklyn woman with the initials S.G. was awarded $58 million for pain and suffering and another $4 million for special damages after she lost her legs in a surgery that was not intended to result in that way. The woman went into the hospital for a laparoscopic procedure due to an ectopic pregnancy but there were complications. She came out of the procedure doing all right, but lapsed into a coma only a few hours later. She remained in this coma for three weeks.

S.G.’s lawyer claims that the doctors punctured her colon while doing the surgery. This resulted in blood poisoning and a severe infection. This infection eventually lapsed into gangrene. The gangrene was so bad that the doctors determined the only way to save this woman’s life was to do a below-the-knee amputation on both legs.

S.G’s now has prosthetic legs and says that walking is very painful. She is primarily concerned with how to raise her 10-year-old daughter when she is now disabled. She has moved in with her godmother, who aids her in caring for her daughter. The entire incident could have been avoided had the surgeons who completed S.G.’s laparoscopic surgery been more cautious.

Now, the suffering Brooklyn mom who lost legs has $62 million to cover all of her medical bills and help her to live a comfortable life despite her shocking loss. The mother is thankful that she has the finances to create a life for her and her daughter, though the money will never satisfy the loss of both of her legs due to the negligence of those in the doctor’s office. If you have suffered medical malpractice during a surgery, then you need to hire a New York personal injury lawyer at Greenberg & Stein to represent you in your case.