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Brooklyn Grandmother Files Lawsuit Against Red Bull for Grandson’s Death

A man recently collapsed while playing basketball, leading to his sudden death. According to the medic who came to the scene of the death, the man had just consumed a Red Bull beverage before his tragic cardiac arrest. Now, the victim’s grandmother is seeking compensation from Red Bull, filing the first wrongful death lawsuit ever against the company. While other energy drink companies like Monster and Rockstar have been constantly barraged with lawsuits alleging injury and death from over-consumption, Red Bull has been able to steer clear of litigation until now.

The Brooklyn grandmother who will file her lawsuit against Red Bull next Monday claims that her grandson drank Red Bull constantly. Despite this habit, he was a generally healthy non-smoker. He enjoyed exercise, and was at the gym with his friends shooting hoops at the time of the incident. The grandmother claims that the victim would still be alive had he not consumed a Red Bull while he was playing basketball that night.

The grandmother also sued the school where the incident happened, arguing that there was not defibrillator or other life-saving equipment in the school gym. She is also suing the city claiming that it took the ambulance much too long to arrive. That case is pending. The claim against Red Bull cites nine fatalities that have taken place and linked to Red Bull.

Also, the FDA has admitted that there have been about 21 reports from doctors or hospitals connecting Red Bull with fatigued, chest pain, dizziness and more. One scientific study shows that Red Bull can be particularly harmful to adolescents and those who exercise regularly. The victim died when his heart stopped while he was out on the basketball court. Witnesses say that he seemed disoriented and then fell to the floor. If you want more information about lawsuits of this nature then contact a lawyer right away. The lawsuit is for $85 million in compensation. If you have a product liability case that you would like to pursue, then contact a New York City personal injury lawyer today!