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Babysitter Lawsuits: Negligence and Child Endangerment

When you leave your children with a babysitter, you want to make sure that you can trust the individual that is caring for the kids. Most of the time, babysitters are teenagers that are looking to earn some extra cash in their spare time. On average, babysitters are between 14 and 20, and some may be irresponsible. When a babysitter is responsible for your child’s injury while you were gone, or is negligent and fails to do his or her duty to care for your child, then you can often seek compensation from the babysitter and hold that individual responsible.

Recently, a babysitter liability case made headlines after a 19-year-old sitter in Orange County kept a gun out at the house where she was watching a five-year-old boy. The teen claims that she had a gun on the table because she was scared about the possibility of a robbery or attacker. Yet she made a grave mistake when she left the gun on the coffee table and chose to take a nap, allowing the five-year-old to wander around the house unsupervised. The child picked up the gun and accidentally set it off. This mistake cost the little boy his life.

The babysitter is now being charged with a state felony for abandoning and endangering the child. Babysitters can also be held liable if a child dies or suffers injury in a drowning incident because the caretaker failed to monitor the child closely, or if the child suffers a variety of other accidents that could have been prevented with adequate supervision. If you believe that a babysitter is liable for your child’s injuries, hire a New York City personal injury lawyer at Greenberg & Stein to help you with your case today! With the right attorney there to help, you may be able to get compensation that will cover your loved one’s medical bills and also accommodate for punitive damages.