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14 Injured in Chinatown Building Collapse


There was a Chinatown building collapse in New York City when workers put too many bug bombs in the structure. Reports show that the five story building collapsed in an explosion after the workers set off 21 bug bomb canisters. Various businesses were located in the building, but the canisters were found in a beauty salon on the first floor. Allegedly the cloud of insecticide was ignited when it reached the oven pilot light or some other appliance in an apartment kitchen.

A tenant told the officials that she fogged the apartment with the same dosage of insecticide the day before, even though individuals are only supposed to use one bug bomb to treat an apartment. The FDNY responders say that this was much too much insecticide, and the tenant may be held responsible for her actions. The police say that the bug bombs were “improperly used” at the salon.

Reports from the New York Daily News show that two individuals in the structure were critically injured in the collapse. Fire inspectors are currently trying to determine if a gas leak contributed to the shocking explosion. After the explosion, the building caught fire and apartments were scorched before the FDNY was able to extinguish the flames.

Four firefighters suffered minor injuries while trying to extinguish the flames. Most of the victims of the accident suffered smoke inhalation and second-degree burns. The building that collapsed was over 70 years old, and this may have contributed to the fragility of the structure. The apartment managers say that they are looking at the existing codes for the building to see if any changes need to be made.

Some reports say that the apartment buildings have been illegal subdivided, and another report shows that the first floor was found to be in danger of a collapse in the past was well. If you are injured in a building collapse, you may be able to seek compensation on the grounds of premises liability. Learn more by talking with Greenberg & Stein today!