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7 Dead in Horrific Upstate New York Crash

According to the Associated Press, a runaway trailer facilitated a horrific car wreck on May 30th, leaving seven dead and one severely injured. The accident happened in Cortland Country. Witnesses say that a minivan carrying two families was traveling a two-lane road in Truxton.

A big-rig truck in the opposite-traffic lane was passing by when the trailer disconnected from the cab of the car. It slammed into the van travelling the opposite direction and ripped it apart in an instant. Both the trailer and the wrecked van stopped on the shoulder of the roadway.

Two individuals in the truck were not injured, but were shaken. The National Transportation Safety Board is still investigating the odd accident and trying to learn how the trailer disconnected from the truck. The trucking company will be held responsible if the NTSB learns that they failed to make sure that the truck was secure or did not follow proper protocol in fastening the trailer to the cab.

Of the eight passengers in the minivan, at least seven are dead. Reports say that four of the victims are children that are under the age of ten. The one surviving individual was taken to a hospital but an update on his condition is not currently available. The children in the van were from two different families. One of the families lived in Truxton. Truck accidents like this one can do extensive damage. If you have been hurt in a traffic accident then you need to seek compensation from a responsible party.

If your loved ones were killed in the accident, you can seek compensation from anyone who caused the accident. You can also seek reimbursement for any medical expenses that you had to pay in connection with injuries from the accident. Learn more by calling a New York City personal injury attorney at our firm today!